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Nutrition through 8 Weeks to Wellness

Health Coach Dr. Pacelli wants to be your Health Partner, Nutrition Coach through our 8 Weeks to Wellness program he will work with you to achieve a health-related approach to ensure your weith loss success.

Dr. Pacelli, along with our medical team believes that healthy living is not achieved through dieting alone. It's achieved through balance by choosing foods that will nourish you so that you can live life fully and with intention. Dr. Pacelli will examine what influences your food choices and how to make them work for you. No fad diets - just a customized plan that seamlessly integrates fresh food with real life. You can achieve your weight goals, desired activity level, and win the battle against destructive eating behaviors, symptoms of poor nutrition and preventable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Let us show you how.