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Because Ideal Spine and Rehab is a multidisciplinary physical medicine center, we can offer you a wide array of treatment approaches.

Some of the tools we can use in your treatment plan include:

  • Drug-free pain protocols: moist heat, cryotherapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction and massage
  • Pharmaceutical treatment: prescription drugs, when appropriate; recommendations for non-prescription drugs
  • Chiropractic care: manipulation of the spine, joints and muscles to reduce pain and improve function
  • Massage: soft-tissue manipulation to relieve tension, stimulate nerves and stretch and loosen muscles
  • Education: explaining the cause of your current problem, guiding your recovery and teaching you how to stay healthy
  • Exercise: in-clinic exercises to ease pain and improve function and at-home exercises during recovery
  • Home health maintenance program: a guide to activities and approaches that help you live a full, pain-free, active life